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“Connecting The Pieces Of Success”

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Culture and Communication

We believe the key to success is working together towards the same goal. At Point Quest that is our way of life. Each individual involved in the Point Quest Program is focused and striving for the same outcome.

Through this inner-woven teamwork, Point Quest is able to promote an atmosphere of true cooperation. This unique dimension of kindness and positive reinforcement in the Point Quest program, results in restoring proper balance and healthy attitudes in our students, giving each one a better outlook on life, learning, and the future.

Over the years we have found this collaboration of efforts to be a powerful tool in the growth of our students, furthering their ability to become a successful, functional and fulfilled adult.


Minimum Student To Teacher Ratio


Maximum Class Size

Allowing Students to Learn & Grow

Point Quest Education offers a 200-day program for special education students with challenging cognitive, behavioral and emotional needs. The school serves students ages 5-22 years of age with a student to staff ratio of 5:1. Point Quest teams effectively with parents, school districts, and local agencies with a program that focuses on each student’s needs in the areas of cognition, social, emotional, behavioral and academic.


Related Services

Point Quest provides an array of related services as outlined on each student’s IEP. Licensed and credentialed professionals are onsite of each campus, working with the classroom staff and behavior team to ensure each student’s services are delivered. Educational progress is the ultimate goal of all intervention treatment sessions and therefore coordination with the student’s teacher as well as other members of the IEP team is fundamental to educational benefit.

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