Service Options For School Districts

One-On-One Support, Consultation, Training and Behavior Aide Programs

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In-District 1:1 Support For Students

One-on-one support for students in their district program. This level of support is designed to assist students in successfully accessing their educational program and remaining in the least restrictive environment possible.

  • Data collection taken in coordination with the district’s behavior team
  • Collaboration with classroom and related service staff
  • Generalization plan to reduce the need for dedicated 1:1 support

In-District Programs Supported by Point Quest’s Behavior Aides, Mental Health Team and Supervisors

A partnership designed to support the school district in providing the necessary services to maintain students within public school system.

  • Behavior Intervention Development (BID)
  • Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII)
  • Counseling & Guidance (CG)
  • Social Work Services (SW)
  • Other Related Services as requested

Consultation & Training Services

Consultation and training services are available by experienced staff in the following areas:

  • Dealing with special education students with a co-morbid behavior disorder
  • Training paraprofessionals in working with at-risk youth
  • Implementing a school-wide positive behavior intervention system
  • Providing speech and language services to behaviorally disordered students
  • Others by request


Frequently Asked Questions

Point Quest’s services are available through the IEP process at the student’s district of residence. Referrals for services can be made to Point Quest Pediatric Therapies with a phone call or email from the school district’s Program Specialist or other special education personnel.

IEEs can be requested through the IEP process in the areas of Speech-Language Pathology, Educationally Related Mental Health assessments and Occupational Therapy.